Lyla and Lizzeth

Emily Rose <oola_lily@...>

Lyla's head was spinning, one minute she was just
sitting there eating lunch and the next minute she was
packing to go live in a new weyr.
*Lizzzeth have you heard the news we're moving*
~Yes I heard, but nobody has told me why.~
*Because the weyr we are moving to is short a queen
and this weyr has one too many*
~oh, how soon are we going???~
*As soon as I'm done packing. Which will be....*
~So soon????~
*Yep, lucky I hadn't really unpacked. So came down off
that nice warm ledge now ok so I can load you*
~Is it going to be sunny where we are going???~
Lyla loaded Lizzeth and they said their goodbyes and
left. They arrived right above the weyr.
*Lizzeth I see 2 other queeens could you talk to them
and tel them that we need help*
When they landed Lyla looked around for somebody.
*I wish I could unload you but I dom't know where are
weyr is yet*
~No rush~
Then Lyla heard somebody run up behind her...

Emily Rose
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