Re: Another intro.

Jamie B <kyra_aerin@...>

"Sure, I can do that." T`ral said, happy there was something he could do so
he didn`t seem as if he was just standing around useless."Which wall?"
"Hello," she greeted them, suddenly feeling like she was intruding.
"Hullo." T`ral said, looking flustered, feeling abruptly awkward again.
liked this weyr, but all these new people he had to meet made him nervous.
He unconsciously ran his hands through his hair in an anxious gesture.
Probably something else he should say after that, but he had never known
to start a conversation. Shards, what was he supposed to SAY?

"Umm...just the wall the bed is against. That should be out of the way
enough, don't you think?" She flashed another of her bright smiles, but
then her eyes became a bit distant as Ari's voice rang in her mind.
{{Someone's coming. I think it's Alba, one of the other queenriders.}}
[[Ooo, shards..this place is still a mess! Thanks, Ari.]] As she had been
talking to Ari, she didn't even notice that Alba had already arrived.

"Oh, goodness! Sorry...Ari was talking." She offered an apologetic smile
and stepped up to the woman, her hand outstretched. "I'm Skylar, rider of
gold Arianth. You're Alba, I assume?" She'd have to trust Ari on that
one...she hoped she was right. "This place is absolutely lovely..."

~Skylar and Ari

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