Re: Another intro.

"Laura Walker" <laura@...

Oh, shards, this was awkward...Skylar bit her lower lip and glanced
not wanting to seem rude by sending him away. But what could really be
done? Ah, the DID need moving. She was saved!

"Well...if it's not too much trouble...that trunk sitting in the middle of
the room needs to be pushed up against the wall. Ari got it here for me,
but I can't move it by myself..."
"Sure, I can do that." T`ral said, happy there was something he could do so
he didn`t seem as if he was just standing around useless."Which wall?"
"Hello," she greeted them, suddenly feeling like she was intruding.
"Hullo." T`ral said, looking flustered, feeling abruptly awkward again. He
liked this weyr, but all these new people he had to meet made him nervous.
He unconsciously ran his hands through his hair in an anxious gesture.
Probably something else he should say after that, but he had never known how
to start a conversation. Shards, what was he supposed to SAY?

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