Re: Another intro.

Jamie B <kyra_aerin@...>

T`ral smiled awkwardly, giving her a slight nod. "If theres anything you
need doing?" he offered, uncertain how to help.

Talith meanwhile circled before landing next to Arianth. *Greetings.* he
said. *And my rider sends his welcome also. I`m supposed to be finding out
if there is anything you need as a sranger in the weyr, or if you want I
just let you go back to sleep.*

Oh, shards, this was awkward...Skylar bit her lower lip and glanced around,
not wanting to seem rude by sending him away. But what could really be
done? Ah, the DID need moving. She was saved!

"Well...if it's not too much trouble...that trunk sitting in the middle of
the room needs to be pushed up against the wall. Ari got it here for me,
but I can't move it by myself..."

Arianth raised her head to look at Talith, eyes whirling with pleasure at
the attention, however rider-induced it was. {{I think I'm all right as far
as doing things for me goes. I don't really want to go back to sleep,
either. But tell me a bit about the Weyr...where, for example, is the best
prey located? I might get hungry soon...}}

~Skylar and Arianth

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