Re: Another intro.

"Laura Walker" <laura@...

When the arrived at her weyr, she stepped in and smiled brightly. "Thanks
SO much! And...hmm. I guess that's it...I need to start getting things
straightened up in here, and I don't think you'd want to help with that,
hmm?" She smiled and shook her head, already knowing the answer to that
T`ral smiled awkwardly, giving her a slight nod. "If theres anything you
need doing?" he offered, uncertain how to help.

Talith meanwhile circled before landing next to Arianth. *Greetings.* he
said. *And my rider sends his welcome also. I`m supposed to be finding out
if there is anything you need as a sranger in the weyr, or if you want I can
just let you go back to sleep.*

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