Re: Another intro.

Jamie B <kyra_aerin@...>

R`tal went along at a good pace, silent;y leading her to the weyr, not sure
how to start a conversation, and feeling awkward. Finally they reached the
weyr and he stepped back to allow her first entrance. "Here we are." he
said, "D`you need anything else?"

Skylar, feeling awkward, tried to make conversation on the way to the weyrs.
"So how long have you been here at Arolos? Like I said..I've only been a
couple of days, not nearly long enough to learn where EVERYTHING is..."
Shards, she was a goldrider...wasn't she supposed to be good at talking to
other dragonriders? Maybe she just didn't have enough practice yet. Yes,
that might be it.

When the arrived at her weyr, she stepped in and smiled brightly. "Thanks
SO much! And...hmm. I guess that's it...I need to start getting things
straightened up in here, and I don't think you'd want to help with that,
hmm?" She smiled and shook her head, already knowing the answer to that

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