Re: Another intro.

"Laura Walker" <laura@...

Skylar turned a bit to offer Talith a slight bow, then turned back to
"A Wingsecond...nice to meet you. I'm glad there was someone around to
help me...or I'd be walking around the lower caverns, lost!" She laughed
softly and shook her head, coppery hair once again falling to shield one
her eyes, and, once again, she pushed it back into its place behind her

She waited patiently while he watched his dragon in awe, totally
with the emotion. Jumping slightly at the tone of his voice, not expecting
the roughness, she hesitated for a moment before moving to follow him.
she done something wrong? No...probably not. She HOPED not...perhaps it
was just the anxiousness of meeting someone new? Again, hopefully.
all thoughts that she may have messed up out of her mind, she started
R'tal, now simply thankful for his assistance.
R`tal went along at a good pace, silent;y leading her to the weyr, not sure
how to start a conversation, and feeling awkward. Finally they reached the
weyr and he stepped back to allow her first entrance. "Here we are." he
said, "D`you need anything else?"

OOC Sorry Alba, didn`t realise we weren`t s`posed to start.

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