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"Wing Second R`Tal." he introduced himself, the name still feeling strange
to him. "And that back there is my beautiful if lazy brown Talith."
*I`m not lazy!* Talith sounded indignant. *Just because you persist in
attempting to work yourself to death is no reason for me to do so as well.
Or for that matter to let you do so.*
*I know dear one, I was kidding.*
*Oh.* Talith was appeased. *Thats all right then.*
R`Tal chuckled to himself for a second then glanced back at Skylar. "I`ll
take you up to the goldriders weyr then." he said, giving her a halfsmile.
"It`s not far but the place is easy to get lost in."
*I`ll wait here then.*
*Why don`t you go talk to Arianh? She might want to know something about
this place to.*
*Shes asleep.* his dragon informed him. *But if you`re not going to stay
here and rub my eyeridges for me I may as well.*
The dragon stretched before opening his wings to fly up. *Give Skylar my
*I will. And give her dragon mine.*
*Will do.* Another stretch and then talith rose in the air, strong wings
carrying him as he glided up to the ridge. R`Tal watched him, mesmorized
a moment, forgetting Skylars presence, lost in the beauty of his dragon.
He shook himself, reminding himself that he had to pay more attention what
he had to be doing. "C`mon then." he said, rather roughly, a little shy.
"I`ll show you where it is."

Skylar turned a bit to offer Talith a slight bow, then turned back to R'tal.
"A Wingsecond...nice to meet you. I'm glad there was someone around to
help me...or I'd be walking around the lower caverns, lost!" She laughed
softly and shook her head, coppery hair once again falling to shield one of
her eyes, and, once again, she pushed it back into its place behind her ear.

She waited patiently while he watched his dragon in awe, totally sympathetic
with the emotion. Jumping slightly at the tone of his voice, not expecting
the roughness, she hesitated for a moment before moving to follow him. Had
she done something wrong? No...probably not. She HOPED not...perhaps it
was just the anxiousness of meeting someone new? Again, hopefully. Shoving
all thoughts that she may have messed up out of her mind, she started after
R'tal, now simply thankful for his assistance.

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