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OOC: You think you got problems? I didn't know we were supposed to be
starting either, and I'm supposed to be list owner here......
I don't know. I'm ill for a day and you all start playing without me.....

BIC: Alba looked down at the beach from gold Toreth's back. It was a long
way from the Weyr, and they'd had to fly straight for most of the way. {{I
want to swim}} Toreth told Alba {{it's very hot and I'm thirsty}}. With
that, Toreth circled down and landed smartly on the beach. She held up her
foreleg for Alba to climb down, and once her rider was safely on the ground,
she half took off, half leapt into the sea, creating a huge wave of water.
[[Careful dear. You'll get me wet with all that splashing]]. As soon as
Toreth had finished splashing water with her wings, watching the small fish
in the water dart away, she looked towards Alba. Understanding what her
dragon wanted, the goldrider stepped into the water and started to scrub her
dragon's hide. [[It would help if there wasn't so much of you]].

Alba and Toreth

From: "Jamie B" <>

OOC: Heck, if I knew we were supposed to start, I would have long ago.


Skylar circled her gold once around the bowl before Arianth spied a
spot she liked. {{I think right here would be nice, dear.}} Skylar
shrugged once and let her dragon land. [[You're the boss, lovely. Well,
for now.]] She flashed a grin as she dismounted, Arianth offering her
foreleg to keep her from falling. [[Thank you, dearest. I'm going to go
find someone to talk to, now...I really don't know this place that well
yet.]] Arianth was already dozing off in the warmth of the sun, and
answered sleepily. {{All right...I'll..well, I'll be here.}} Skylar
laughed and shook her head as she wandered off across the bowl, hoping she
encountered someone before she got lost. She brushed a few stray strands
coppery hair away from her deep blue eyes and gazed around once she got
inside, her eyes slowly adjusting to the change in light.

~Skylar and Ari

Arolos Weyr - enjoy the sunshine, treasure the freedom.

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