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OOC: Heck, if I knew we were supposed to start, I would have long ago.


Skylar circled her gold once around the bowl before Arianth spied a
spot she liked. {{I think right here would be nice, dear.}} Skylar
shrugged once and let her dragon land. [[You're the boss, lovely. Well,
for now.]] She flashed a grin as she dismounted, Arianth offering her
foreleg to keep her from falling. [[Thank you, dearest. I'm going to go
find someone to talk to, now...I really don't know this place that well
yet.]] Arianth was already dozing off in the warmth of the sun, and
answered sleepily. {{All right...I'll..well, I'll be here.}} Skylar
laughed and shook her head as she wandered off across the bowl, hoping she
encountered someone before she got lost. She brushed a few stray strands
coppery hair away from her deep blue eyes and gazed around once she got
inside, her eyes slowly adjusting to the change in light.
R`Tal stood up guiltily seeing the stranger, knowing he should be doing
something more useful.
*Silly.* his dragon chided gently, *Rubbing my eyeridges IS useful. Don`t
stop I`m enjoying it.*
*I should be working.And I have to check if shes okay. She looks bit
*Awww..* But his rider was off striding towards the stranger. *Well, at
least check if SHES any good at rubbing eyeridges.* the dragon grumbled.
"Are you all right?" R`Tal asked, "You look a little lost."

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