Re: walking the tables - part 2 (F'ation/Dan/Valeryna)

WeyrWoman <WeyrWoman@...>

F'ation stumbled forward and reached the back tables just in time to see
Valeryna go over to Master Dan and hug him. "VAL!" He yelled out to her!
she could hug that man she could spare a hug for her husband. "VAL! I'm
Valeryna turned, in time to see F'ation, who looked quite drunk,
staggering in her direction. "Oh Faranth," she whispered, "let me handle
this, please. It was bound to happen sooner or later."

She headed directly for F'ation, and instead of berating him
since she knew why he was so drunk, she simply embraced him, crying softly.
"F'ation, love, shhhh....I know. Shards, but I miss him too. And I love
you, we'll get through this together, I promise. Come sit with me?"

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