Re: There's a Storm comin' TRAPPED (K'REN,Any)

Vicky ORMAN <vickyorman@...>

K'rens expression was unreadable as he assessed the damage. Bone
splinters everywhere, no cohesive structure at all. In twenty four hours
they would see gangrene or bloodpoisoning and death would be practically a
certainty....if internal bleeding and shock had not already claimed her. If
he could preserve the knee however...the muscles there seemed unaffected.
Hmm...If that could be done, even with a basic prostheses she would have
reasonable mobility. "Berease, I need one of the bone saws we use for Fall.
What are her current vitals? Does she need anything else to keep her under?"

"Her vitals are stable right now, I think she's going to need a blood
tranfusion though....she's lost so much blood," Berease moved to go get the
bone saw. "She hasn't stirred at all, sir, not since she was brought in."

"Type the blood up Berease, and then we do this. We have only a short time to complete the amputation once we start" K'ren replied "We'll need the catgut too..and...shardit.." He tried to remember what they had in stock.. "Someone go up to the kitchens and bring back some bread...we're out of most of the stypics and that will do. It's best not to cuterise when they are in shock if we can help it but... someone get the cautery needles out and get them heated in case."

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