Re: walking the tables - part 2 (F'ation/Dan/Valeryna)

Shirley <angeleyes@...>

Dan had had prepared (actually making them himself), the knots for all
presentations that he was doing today for the Journeyfolks, and had
Valeryna's in his hand when she came up.
"Oh, don't be so silly" he said, and reached out to hug his friend.
That was all it took. Val threw her arms around Dan, and
her face against his shoulder, softly crying. "I thought you'd forgotten
all about me, after I Impressed," she whispered for his ears alone. "I've
missed you all so much."

About that time another guest that had been invited, made his way
staggeringly towards the gathering. In one hand he held a mostly gone bottle
of wine and in the other a bouquet wilted flowers that F'ation had flown to
the Valley to get for Valeryna.

Bumping into the guard that had hung back to keep an eye on Wygelle, the
man reached out to steady the dragonrider. "Hey, you sure you should be
going over there?" The guard stepped back, the man positively reeked of

"Let go o' me, I'm 'vited," F'ation waved at the guard with the hand holding
the bottle.

"Okay...okay," the man let him pass. It wasn't his job to be messing with
drunkards. For all he knew the man could be a ruse to keep his eyes off the
goldrider and she was his job.

F'ation stumbled forward and reached the back tables just in time to see
Valeryna go over to Master Dan and hug him. "VAL!" He yelled out to her! If
she could hug that man she could spare a hug for her husband. "VAL! I'm

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