Re: Adios, you doomed souls (Attn: G'rett)

Mlynn Booker <mlynn@...>

"Yes, they are," G'rett said, thinking of Joanya and the rest of
SandStormers class. Bending, he signed the papers and carefully
rolled them before handing them to R'mal. "Thank you for the notes
and I must say that you seem happier about your decision, R'mal.
Good luck to you and fair skies," he said with a smile, no words
given regarding his opinion of R'tal or the weyrlingmasters.
around his desk, he saluted the former Weyrleader before extending
his hand for a farewell shake.
R'mal returned the salute, then shook the new Weyrleader's hand
firmly. "You're a dragonhealer, G'rett. You know what they say-- it
is far easier to keep them whole than to fix them once they're
broken. I wish you all the luck in the world in doing so."

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