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They walked around to the back of the Weyr where the water lay flat
and glistening and cool. R`tal looked up startled as a brown shape flew
through the air above them before landing with a splash in the pool,
them all. ((You didn`t think you could go swimming without me did you?))
dragon said. ((Of course not.)) R`tal said amused. ((But was the splash
nessacary?)) ((you were far too dry for people going swimming))
((So you thought you had better rectify that? thank you SO much!))
Laughing he turned to the others. "Sorry about that. This is Talith, my
brown pest." ((Pest? I`m not a pest!)) The dragon sent a carefully aimed
wave with
his tail to hit R`tal behind he knees, making him sit down in the water.
((Okay, okay, you`re not a pest!))
Jyl stood dripping in the soaking, her long black hair partialy(sp?)
plastered to her face. Ulyenth flew above her and landed in the water
with hardly a ripple, showing off her gracefulness. Pulling her hair
back from her face, Jyl said to the rest, "Well, that's my show off,
Ulyenth," she grinned, {{Show off? Hardly, I'm just showing you how
coordinated I am... but hardly a show off.}} Jylia laughed at that, then
replied ((Well, then, what is your definition of a show off?)) Ulyenth
flicked her tail about in the water thinking, {{One who excessively makes
themselves look good... *I* don't do that.}}

E'ryn had managed to miss most of the soaking, only getting half of
himself wet. Karinth then made another splash getting into the water,
which try as he might, E'ryn couldn't avoid. The most of the water hit
E'ryn, while the rest sprayed everyone else. ((I was already wet enough
from the brown's splash... you had to splash me again?)) Karinth
snorted, {{Wet enough. You were halfway dry!}} Grinning and laughing at
Karinth he introduced his blue, "Well, that's second splash was courtesy
of Karinth. This bothersome blue." {{Ahh, bothersome am I? Just you
wait!}} the blue said, aiming several more waves of water at his rider.
Talith joined with this effort of wavemaking, until everyone had managed to
miss a soaking the first time was wet to his satisfaction. He did however
stop long enough to pay a little attention to the introduction of Ulyenth.
((Shes nice.)) he commented, impressed by the green.
((Interested are you? Well, I`m sure she`ll be proddy at some point while
we`re all at this weyr.)) he rider replied. Deciding that since he was wet
hrough he might as well get on with swimming he launched into a strong
breatstroke, moving easily out into the water.

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