An intro

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OOC - Okay, just thought I`d do a starting introductory thing to get us going (because I`m bored and theres some work I want to avoid and this seemed like a good enough excuse :-) Here we go anyway.

R`Tal leaned against Talith comfortably chatting idly to his dragon.
*Sunny out today.*
*Mmmm... You have no idea how nice the sun feels when your as big as me. Rub my eyeridges please if your intending to get comfy there.*
R`Tal complied, grinning at the dragon.
*Y`know there really is work I should be doing.*
*It`ll wait. You`re running around too much since you`ve become WingSecond. They don`t expect you t run the entire Weyr singlehanded y`know.*
*I know but...* R`Tal sighed, stopping the rubbing *I just don`t want to let everyone down, espiecially you.* He looked at his dragon fondly. *You deserve a good rider.*
*You are letting no one down least of all me. Now KEEP RUBBING!*
Chuckling his rider obeyed.

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