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Alba <Alba@...>

That's great. Very well written character. Your dragon can be a queen. We
needed one more, so that's great. Now, how do you feel about the situation
of senior queens, ie lack of one. We can do the first to rise to mate kinda
thing, or if you really don't want it, then I can do it. Emily doesn't want
to be senior queen, so it's either you or me. Your

Rider of Gold Toreth.

From: "Jamie B" <>

Name: Skylar
Age: 21
Sex: female
Birthplace: High Reaches Weyr
Description: Skylar has coppery (not really red..just brown with shadings
of red) hair and deep blue eyes. She's pretty short, only 5'7, but keeps
herself slender, and weighs about 125 pounds. She keeps her hair
short (about shoulder length).
Personality: Friendly, but not overly so. Not perky ever, really, but
never depressing, either. She's simply happy to be somewhere away from
everything she's ever known, so she can start deciding things for herself.
History (if any): Born at High Reaches of a greenrider and a brownrider,
the product of a mating flight, Skylar lived there all her life until now.
A year ago, when she was 20, she Impressed a gold dragon (unless you've
enough golds, in which case she can be a green...I'm flexible. ;) ) by
name of Arianth. After weyrling traning was over, she heard of Arlos
and broke away from her parents to live in the beautiful south, where she
would have more freedom.

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