Month 4 Review ((Attn: All MD Weyrlings))


Ok, so here’s a general review of the different lesson topics, physical training and exercise lessons, and RP opportunities that your weyrling would have experienced from Impression through Month 4. 

In order to better assist with the WLM team understanding your weyrling’s progress over these first 4 months, if you could please let us know not only the answers to these first 2 questions regarding potential behavior issues as well as Impression Anxiety, but also give us an idea as to ‘Passed with Flying colors, Struggled but managed to pass, or Critically Failed’ for both the Book-work Topics and the Physical Training Exercise lessons, that would be very beneficial. And, doing this review now would give something for us to build off not just for WLM response to any issues, but for information that can be used to assist with the Month 8 Interviews.

**Now, these ‘Month 4 reviews’ can also be RPed out as well, so just let us know if you’d like this actually RPed out on camera and we will do our best to accommodate that and get those threads out for your weyrlings.

Has your weyrling had any behavioural issues (for example, anger issues, not paying attention during lessons, fighting with people, etc...):

Has your weyrling had any Impression Anxiety issues at any point in the last 8 months? (If they have, please describe what the issues were, if the WLM team has been aware of this issue ICly or not, and what progress has been made toward resolving these issues. Keep in mind, if the WLM team became aware of these issues, human side of weyrling pair would have been talking with mindhealers while dragon side would have been talking with a gold dragon.):

Book-work Topics Assessed: 

**Please let us know if your weyrling would have struggled or had low scores in any of the assessments regarding these topics, and if they did struggle previously then are they still struggling at the end of month 8.**

  • The Empathic Bond: (utilization, effects on lifemates, memory-sharing & other cautions, advantages

  • Basic to Intermediate Dragonhealing: (anatomy, basic first aid, digestive/elimination issues)

  • Duties of a Rider: (dragon & equipment care, sweekriding, drill practice, threadfighting)

  • Pernese History & Basic Policies:

  • Recognition of Rank Knots & Badges:

  • Weyr Etiquette and Customs:

  • Arolos Territory Lessons: (geography, weather patterns, history, politics) with Exam at end of month 3

  • No sex!:

  • Communication in ‘Fall: (mental protocols, wing hand signals)

  • Northern Territory Lessons: Benden (geography, weather patterns, history, politics)

  • Basic info on Rising and Chasing: what happens during a Flight (more detailed info in Month 6)

  • Flight Gear Fitting: Done by tailor or leathercrafters

Physical Training Lessons/Exercises Assessed: 

** Please let us know if your weyrling, both human and dragon side, would have struggled with any of these physical training lessons and exercises, and if they did struggle then are they still struggling at the end of month 8.**

  • Morning run around the Bowl followed by either calisthenics or obstacle course on alternating days

  • Basic Dragon Care: (feeding, bathing, oiling, diagnosis/treatment of hide issues, signs of sick/poorly kept dragon)

  • Bonding With Dragon Exercises: (mindspeaking, playing, sleeping, during lessons, blindfold tag, trust exercises, utilization of each other’s eyes, blindfold race)

  • Ground Drills: (complex formations,, understanding 3D flight, longer times)

  • Firestone Grading: (selection, size, bagging per dragon capabilities warning, bag tossing exercise)

  • Helping the Healers: (experience w/ dragonic reactions to scores)

  • Action in Fall: (maintaining firestone supplies during ‘Fall)

  • Muscle Strengthening/Flight Prep Exercises: (swimming exercises, flapping exercises)

  • Firestone pickup from dragonback: (weyrlings on ground, tossing bags to riders who don’t land)

  • Making Flying Straps: (includes assessment of 1st set to appropriate standards)

RP Opportunities from month 1-4:

  • Issues struggling with new Impression and the bond between rider/dragon pair.

  • Struggling with new life and separation from anyone except WLM team and other weyrlings (including any pets they had before Impression).

  • Reaction to Helping the Healers or Helping during ‘Fall

  • Annoyance or struggle with early morning physical training for the human side of the weyrling pair.

  • Possible reactions after initial basic lesson about Flights (rising and chasing, not just greenrider specific).

  • Firestone bag tossing to riders during ‘Fall: possible muscle strain, or ‘failed’ tossing that doesn’t reach the rider trying to grab the bag (these are *heavy* bags after all and your weyrling might not be physically prepared/strong enough to throw them into the air yet)

  • Trouble making flying straps (weyrlings with leathercraft experience can possibly help other weyrlings)

  • Flight Gear Fitting: the realization that you will be a Threadfighter! Excitement, sudden fear as it’s made more real, a huge ‘wow’ moment perhaps...


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