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Jerzy Tobin

adding one more candidate - Zosime

On Sat, Jul 4, 2020 at 1:02 PM Nutmeg <> wrote:

Hi all!

It's time for a Candidate adventure! It will be kicked off in a couple of weeks time but in the meantime I need to know who would be interested in participating.

The plan thus far is for a fun scavenger hunt-esque adventure at one of the islands off the coast where Candidates will be camping for 2-3 days incompany with volunteer Riders. Nothing crazy dramatic is planned like a wher attack - more treasure hunts and innocent poison ivy related shenanigans.

Please let me know the following if you are interested in taking part:

- If you have a Candidate(s) wanting to go.
- If you are volunteering a Rider to provide supervision assistance.

As mentioned, I won't be starting it up until approximately 18th July so there is plenty of time!

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