Pre-Month 10 *Betweening* Questionnaire ((Attn: All FF Weyrlings))


Pre-Month 10 *Betweening* Questionnaire

Alright guys and gals, I know we *just* had some pretty thorough Month 8 interviews, but in preparation for Month 10 and the all important ‘First Jump *Between*’ lesson, there is a little more that we need to know so there’s a much smaller questionnaire the WLM team needs from all FF weyrlings. And yes, it seems like some of the Month 8 Interview issues only *just* got discussed/ironed out for some of you, but when it comes to this betweening lesson which is set to happen at the *end* of month 10, that would be ICly almost 2 months since the Month 8 interviews (all of month 9 and then up to the end of month 10). So, I need a small update on how you see your weyrlings and their dragons behaving *specifically* as they reach the end of Month 10. 

Keep in mind when you answer, your weyrlings are all (especially those that have already shown to have issues in the past) being looked at under a microscope, so please do not answer ‘no’ if they actually are still having any of these issues just because you think it’s been unnoticed...either because you’re trying to have your weyrling be sneaky or are thinking the WLM team would have missed it outright (these WLMs are acting like your *MOTHERS*, and mothers have eyes in the back of their heads to not miss *anything*).

So, please just put down a yes or no for any of these quick possible issues:

  1. Are you or your dragon still having any Impression issues?

  2. Are there any issues bonding and connecting with each other?

  3. Is your weyrling showing any problems controlling their dragon?

  4. Is your weyrling (rider *or* dragon) still being distracted during lessons?

  5. Is there even the slightest hint of an issue or has anything been incorrect with the images you and your dragon have been passing between each other and then sending to a WLMs dragon for confirmation?

  6. Are there any huge behavior problems with either rider or dragon?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of these, your weyrling *will* be held back from actually going between. If they are being held back from *Betweening*, then they are also not going to be given permission to resume intimate relations as it would be considered risky due to the difficulties they're having.

For those weyrling who are totally perfect and good to do the lesson *between*, we need to know one more thing. 

We are going to have the First *Between* lesson either be done in the small Mentor groups (instead of the whole class setting) or done in a 1-on-1 lesson with your weyrling and their AWLM mentor (and no other weyrlings). In either instance, Ko’ssen will also be there (both for the 1-on-1 lesson, or the small mentor group lesson). In order to determine if you mentor would be pulling you aside to do this lesson alone, or if your weyrling would be confident enough to do this lesson in their small group, we need to know:

  1. Has your weyrling displayed a habit of not speaking or otherwise acting nervous when other people are in lessons and watching them, as opposed to when the AWLM has talked 1-on-1 with your weyrling, or has your weyrling shown no problem talking or otherwise interacting in lessons when others are watching them?

  2. Do *you* (the writer) want your weyrling to be in a small group lesson or in a 1-on-1 lesson with just their AWLM mentor and Ko’ssen?

Of course, you are welcome to message me at any time to discuss any plot ideas for your weyrlings.


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